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Pub Quiz

At the end of 2001 the people at the top of BBC Wales were very worried about the amount of filth they were transmitting. The legacy of John Birt (or John Dirt as he was known) was proving hard to get rid of, rather like shit on a blanket. So it was only natural that they should come to me, as chairman of C.U.N.T. (Clean Up National Television) for a bit of advice.

I suggested something a bit radical. I suggested that they should make a programme so totally disgusting that it would make anyone who watched it puke his ring and put them off filth for life. Then the demand for that sort of stuff would go away and we could have round the clock Kilroy with 'Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World' every bank holiday.

Well, the BBC was absolutely delighted with the idea. They were as delighted as someone from Rhyl who's just been sentenced to twenty years in prison (a lot nicer than spending twenty years in Rhyl, I can tell you).

So that's how 'Pub Quiz' came to be. It's a sort of broadcasting experiment. If it works you'll be so revolted you'll shit yourself and, naturally, I'll never work again.

But it'll be worth it. Because I care about the people of Wales. I love this country. I love this country so much that when I come over the Severn Bridge I actually come over the Severn Bridge.

And I've always got C.U.N.T. to fall back on.


Frank Hovis


Frank Hovis: John Sparkes
Producer: Pete Baikie


Three times Welsh BAFTA award winner

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