Production Archive

TitleGenreNo. of ProgrammesLength of ProgrammesBroadcasterDistributorFirst Broadcast
Absolutely Series 1-4Sketch show2830C4C4i1989-1993
Mr Don and Mr GeorgeSitcom630C4C4i1990-1995
SquawkietalkieComedy Wildlife630C4C4i1990-1995
Armstrong and Miller Series 1Sketch show730ParamountITEL1996
DancingTartan Short120BBC2BBC1996
In Montreal, JFLDocumentary160R1R11996
MacSitcom Pilot130BBC2BBCWW1996
The CreativesSitcom Pilot130BBC2ITEL1996
Troma BasementTroma Wraparounds1610BravoBravo1996
Armstrong and Miller Series 2Sketch show730Paramount/C4ITEL1997
Barry Welsh is Coming Series 1Entertainment1030HTVITEL1997
Scotland v EnglandEntertainment130C4Absolutely1997
Stressed Eric Series 1Animation630BBC2ITEL1997
The Jack Doucherty Show Series 1Entertainment20040C5ITEL1997
The PreventersComedy130ITVCarlton1997
Various Pop PromosPop promo34VariousVarious1997
Barry Welsh is Coming Series 2Entertainment1030HTVITEL1998
The Creatives Series 1Sitcom630BBC2ITEL1998
The Jack Doucherty Show Series 2Entertainment15040C5ITEL1998
The Morwenna Banks ShowSketch show1330C5ITEL1998
Armstrong and Miller Series 3Sketch show630C4ITEL1999
Barry Welsh is Coming Series 3Entertainment1030HTVITEL1999
Jesus GreenSitcom Pilot130C4C4i1999
Jittery JulesAdvertisements230Saatchi & SaatchiSaatchi & Saatchi1999
Skin and BlisterShort Film1121999
The Creatives Series 2Sitcom630BBC2ITEL1999
The Jack Doucherty Show Series 3Entertainment5040C5ITEL1999
The Morwenna Banks ShowSketch show230C5ITEL1999
The Strangerers (Co-Production)Comedy Sci-Fi1030SkyTarget1999
Trigger Happy TV Series 1Comedy630C4C4i1999
Hugh Pugh Presents … The Fishguard Film FestivalComedy1ITV WalesITV Wales1999
Armstrong and Miller Series 4Sketch show630C4ITEL2000
Stressed Eric Series 2Animation730BBC2ITEL2000
The AnnouncementAnimation1902000
Trigger Happy TV Series 2Comedy630C4C4i2000
Being Dom JolyComedy130C4C4i2001
Dead AirComedy130C4C4i2001
Trigger Happy Xmas SpecialsComedy230C4C4i2001
Barry Welsh is Coming Series 4Entertainment1030HTVGranada2001
Pub QuizEntertainment6302WBBC Wales2001
Model, Actress, WhateverComedy130C4C4i2001
History on ToastAnimation132DisneyDisney2001
Meg and MogAnimation525ITVITV2002
Pub QuizComedy2030BBC WalesBBC Wales2002
Barry Welsh is Coming Series 5Comedy1030ITV WalesITV Wales2003
Pub Quiz 2Comedy330BBC WalesBBC Wales2003
Barry Welsh is GoingComedy330ITV WalesITV Wales2004
History of Wales according to Hugh PughComedy130ITV WalesITV Wales2004
Jeff Global’s Global ProbeComedy630ITV WalesITV Wales2004
Frank Hovis Presents FilthStage Show145AbsolutelyEdinbrugh Fringe03/08/2005
Baggage Series 1Comedy Drama630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 406/04/2005
Baggage Series 2Comedy Drama630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 428/07/2006
Welcome to StrathmuirComedy Pilot130BBC2 ScotlandBBC2 Scotland__/02/2007
Barry Welsh has an ElectionComedy130ITV WalesITV Wales03/05/2007
Hugh Pugh Kicks OffComedy130ITV WalesITV Wales06/09/2007
Baggage Series 3Comedy Drama630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 405/12/2007
Hugh Pugh’s Christmas CrackerComedy130ITV WalesITV Wales18/12/2007
The Big BlanketDocumentary130ITV WalesITV Wales18/07/2008
Drama on 3: Your Only ManDrama190BBC Radio 3BBC Radio 331/08/2008
Baggage Series 4Comedy Drama630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 408/07/2009
Red Letter DayDocumentary630BBC1 WalesBBC1 Wales12/04/2011
The Gobetweenies Series 1Comedy430BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 406/05/2011
Very Old PretendersComedy430BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 415/09/2011
Drama on 3: Glass Chair Chair GlassDrama190BBC Radio 3BBC Radio 318/09/2011
The Mount: A Welsh EstateDocumentary430BBC1BBC117/10/2011
The Gobetweenies Series 2Comedy630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 406/07/2012
Portobello BeachHorror Drama130BBC Radio ScotlandBBC Radio Scotland11/07/2012
Is Wales Working?Documentary150BBC1BBC109/09/2012
Managing IzzyComedy130BBC Radio ScotlandBBC Radio Scotland06/02/2013
Dusty Won’t PlayDrama145BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 412/02/2013
Sketchorama: Absolutely SpecialSketch show130BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 407/08/2013
The Shape of WalesDocumentary145BBC WalesBBC Wales__/10/2013
The Gobetweenies Series 3Comedy630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 418/10/2013
Siadwel Series 1Comedy430BBC Radio WalesBBC Radio Wales21/03/2014
Secrets and Lattes Series 1Sitcom630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 407/04/2014
That’s Just the Way It IsDocumentary140BBC WalesBBC Wales__/10/2014
Found at SeaArt/Poetry130BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 428/12/2014
Secrets and Lattes Series 2Sitcom630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 406/07/2015
Siadwel Series 2Comedy430BBC Radio WalesBBC Radio Wales10/07/2015
The Absolutely Radio Show Series 1Sketch show430BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 406/09/2015
Reluctant Persuaders Series 1Comedy430BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 415/09/2015
Edinburgh At The Year’s MidnightArt/Poetry130BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 410/01/2016
School’s Not For MeDocumentary130BBC1BBC101/02/2016
The Break Series 1Sitcom630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 430/05/2016
Bennett Arron is JewelshComedy130BBC Radio WalesBBC Radio Wales09/07/2016
Bennett Arron Worries About… Series 1Comedy330BBC Radio WalesBBC Radio Wales23/07/2016
Siadwel Series 3Comedy430BBC Radio WalesBBC Radio Wales29/10/2016
The Fair Intellectual ClubSitcom630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 403/11/2016
Alone PilotSitcom Pilot130BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 407/01/2017
Gaby’s Talking Pictures PilotPanel Show Pilot130BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 402/02/2017
Reluctant Persuaders Series 2Sitcom430BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 406/04/2017
The Absolutely Radio Show Series 2Sketch show430BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 425/06/2017
Bennett Arron Worries About… Series 2Comedy430BBC Radio WalesBBC Radio Wales29/07/2017
Mrs Sidhu Investigates: Murder with MasalaSitcom430BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 404/10/2017
The Best of SiadwelComedy230BBC Radio WalesBBC Radio Wales07/10/2017
More Money Than Sense PilotPanel Show Pilot130BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 405/11/2017
Alone Series 1Sitcom630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 426/04/2018
Lucy Porter in the Family WayComedy130BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 429/04/2018
The Break Series 2Sitcom630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 414/05/2018
Gaby’s Talking Pictures Series 1Panel Show630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 410/06/2018
The Quanderhorn XperimentationsSitcoms630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 425/06/2018
Reluctant Persuaders Series 3Sitcom630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 404/10/2018
Lucy Porter in the Family Way… AgainComedy130BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 428/04/2019
Mrs Sidhu’s Deadly Highland GameSitcom430BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 414/06/2019
The Absolutely Radio Show Series 3Sketch show430BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 407/07/2019
Gaby’s Talking Pictures Series 2Panel Show630BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 4TBA
The Nether Regions PilotSketch show Pilot130BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 4TBA

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