Absolutely Productions on TV

A Brief History.

Absolutely Productions was formed in 1988 by a group of eight writer/performer/producers who wanted to work together and produce their own material. Since then it has been producing award winning comedy, comedy drama and factual programmes for Radio, Television and Film.

On Television

On Television, ground breaking innovative and award winning comedy shows such as Absolutely, The Armstrong and Miller Show, Trigger Happy TV, Stressed Eric and the multi Welsh Bafta Award winning Hugh Pugh Specials and most recently a 2016 comedy pilot for ITV Chris starring Alan Davies in collaboration with Baby Cow.

In the field of factual and factual entertainment Absolutely produced over 300 editions of The Jack Docherty Show the Uk’s first, and only, 5 night a week chat show, The Welsh Bafta nominated documentary ‘Is Wales Working’, and the Ob doc series ‘The Mount’.

On Film

On Film, along with producing many shorts the company co-produced Morwenna Banks critically acclaimed debut feature The Announcement which won the NY International Film Festival award for best foreign feature.

On Radio

On Radio Absolutely has built up a large slate of popular and award winning radio comedies and dramas, starting in 2005 on Radio 4 with Hilary Lyon’s Baggage.

Since then Absolutely has won two BBC Drama Audio Awards with Reluctant Persuaders and The Absolutely Radio Show and produced a host of popular comedies from established and new writing talent including Ian Brown and James Hendrie’s The Break, and Rob Grant and Andrew Marshall’s Sci Fi Comedy The Quanderhorn Xperimentations all for Radio 4 Comedy along with the popular panel show Gaby’s Talking Pictures.

In Radio drama on Radio 4 Absolutely produced Annie Caulfield’s Iverson Award nominated Dusty Won’t Play,  and for Radio 3 her hugely popular dramas Your Only Man and Chair Glass Glass Chair, and Suk Pannu’s Comedy Murder Mystery starring Meera Syal, Mrs Sidhu Investigates.

More recently Absolutely has continued to produce an ever-expanding slate of Radio dramas and comedies, in 2018 the company produced 9 different radio series and pilots, whilst also continuing to develop projects for TV and Film.

Absolutely is looking to establish partnerships with broadcasters and co-producers to develop its slate of radio comedies and dramas for Television

The company is run by Gordon Kennedy who has acted in, produced, and written many of the shows above.