Members of the cast of Channel 4’s hugely popular sketch show ‘Absolutely’ are back with their third series on BBC Radio 4 starting 7:15pm Sunday July 7th for four weeks.

The Absolutely Radio Show returns for a 3rd Series for four weeks starting Sunday 7th July at 7:15 pm on BBC Radio 4

Pete Baikie, Morwenna Banks, Moray Hunter, Gordon Kennedy and John Sparkes are revisiting some of their much-loved sketch characters for four half hour shows, whilst also introducing some newcomers to the show.

In 2013, the group got back together for the “Sketchorama: Absolutely Special for BBC Radio 4” which subsequently won a BBC Audio Drama Award in the Best Live Scripted Comedy category. The first two series of ‘The Absolutely Radio Show’ picked up Celtic Media Award nominations for Best Radio Comedy, and the second series was nominated for a BBC Audio Drama Award in 2018.

Episode Outlines


Episode 1: (Sunday 7th July 2019)

The opening episode of the series features The Stoneybridge Town Council pitching for their very own radio station, the Little Girl giving her explanation of MeToo and Time’s Up and Calum Gilhooley being interviewed for a job.   We also hear from a family agonising about being completely average and from the archive we hear about Two Line Terry’s film career.

Production Credits


Written and Performed by:                  Peter Baikie, Morwenna Banks, Moray Hunter,     Gordon Kennedy and   John Sparkes

Production Manager                              Sarah Tombling

Recording Engineer                                Dave Murricane

Editor                                                         Pete Baikie

Producer                                                   Gus Beattie

Producer                                                   Gordon Kennedy

BBC Executive                                          Sioned Wiliam

Recording Venue                                     The Oran Mor, Glasgow