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American Immigration

No, I couldn't remember this sketch either. "American Immigration Sketch" our PA to the MD said, "..and I was in it?" I said, "Apparently..." she let that comment drift on for three dots. (GK)

I do know what The Queen does

I never did any research for the character - I just remembered very clearly what it was like to be a small child, to ask difficult questions but not to have a very complex vocabulary at your disposal. (MB)


Model, Actress, Whatever wass a pilot show originally broadcast on Channel 4 in November 2001.


This first Calum sketch is based on someone who refuses to leave a house they haven't been invited to. But I've no idea where that idea came from. (JD)

The Trouser Dance

The Trouser Dance was a bit of nonsense I used to do at college when I wanted to get off with a lady. It never failed - I got N.S.U. more often than any student in my year. (JS)

Radical Television

Radical Television was the first sketch in the first ever Absolutely episode and elicited our first ever television laugh. This laugh was immediately canned and was the laugh used throughout all four series of Absolutely. It can now be seen (and heard) in the London Studios Museum of Big Laughs. (MH)