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Lucy Porter in the Family Way

Hugely popular writer and stand up Lucy Porter stars in her own one-off show on Sunday 29th April at 7:15 on BBC Radio 4.

In recent years, Lucy Porter has become a mum of two and a middle-aged orphan. In her brand new show, with the help of rising star Luke Kempner, Lucy explores her relationship with the concept of family, and the lasting effects of a childhood spent in Croydon.

Lucy gives helpful tips for children, parents and grandparents alike, and explains helicopter parenting, the value of benign neglect, and the rise of the tiger mother (a mother who comes to tea, eats all the buns and drinks all of daddy’s beer.)

As she charts the life cycle of a typical nuclear family, Lucy addresses issues like siblings - why do we all think ‘it’ll be nice for them to have each other to play with’ when no siblings have ever played together nicely since the dawn of time?

Lucy takes us right to the end of the parenting process - when you end up having to parent your own parents. How do you tempt your parents out of the Morrison’s cafe? What do you do when your dad insists he’s a major international songwriter? Why is it essential to carry a pound coin at all times?

This is a warm and witty new show with a lot of laughs and a dollop of poignancy.

Listen Saturday 29th April, 7.15pm on BBC Radio 4

Listen online here

Full Credits

Writer                               Lucy Porter

Performers                        Lucy Porter, Her Family and Luke Kempner

Additional material             Gabby Hutchinson Crouch

Director                            Gordon Kennedy

Producers                          Marilyn Imrie and Gordon Kennedy

Executive Producer            Chris Pye

BBC Executive                   Sioned Wiliam

Studio Manager                 Jerry Peal

Editor                               Jerry Peal

Production Manager           Sarah Tombling

Recorded at                      Stratford Circus Arts Centre

Production Company          Absolutely Productions Ltd