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Bennett Arron Worries About...

Following on from the first highly successful series, which was nominated for a Celtic Media Award, Bennett continues to use his abilities as an award-winning writer and stand-up comedian to tell us about his worries and the (sometimes ridiculous) reasons behind them.

Bennett is once again joined by the wonderful supporting cast of Caroline Berry and Charles Dale. Together they will bring us another hilarious series of stand-up and sketches and show us that we really shouldn’t worry at all… just let Bennett do the worrying for us

Series 2 begins Saturday 29th July at 1:04p.m.




Episode 1: Regret

In this episode, Bennett not only worries about regretting what he’s done, regretting what he’s doing and regretting what he’s about to do but he also worries whether NOT regretting anything is even worse. He also worries whether he should have told his parents that he had been kicked out of Drama School, before they heard about it on the radio!

In addition to this he worries whether he has lived up to the expectations described in the letter he wrote to his future self when he was 13.

Episode 2: Relationships

This week Bennett worries about the relationships we have with our families, with our friends and more importantly with our mobile phones.

In addition he worries whether using a chat-up-line book was always the best approach to meeting girls, whether we can spice up married life and whether three kisses at the end of a text message is one too many.

Episode 3: Travel

This week Bennett worries about various types of travel including plane travel, car travel, train travel and time travel.

In addition to this he worries about having to leave from somewhere called a ‘terminal’, whether the accident he had that wasn’t his fault actually WAS his fault and, if no one is around to witness it, how do we really know that the wheels on the bus go round and round?!

Episode 4: Responsibility

This week Bennett worries about the responsibility he has to his family, his friends and his dentist…

In addition to this he worries about the responsibilities we have as children, the responsibilities we have as adults and the responsibilities we have as adults with children. He also worries about the responsibilities we have when it comes to drinking, gambling, tipping, sponsoring and making lists of things.


Series Credits

Created and written by: Bennett Arron

Performed by:  Bennett Arron, Caroline Berry, Charles Dale

Studio Manager: Jerry Peal

Studio Assistant: Luke Nixon

Production Manager:  Sarah Tombling

Production Assistant: Luke Nixon

Edited by: Jerry Peal

Recorded Live at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Directed by: Alan Nixon

Produced by: Gordon Kennedy

An Absolutely Production in association with Silly Papi