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‘Filth’ features John Sparkes as Frank Hovis, one of his regular characters when he was a stand-up and on C4’s ‘Absolutely’.

Frank’s life is beset with problems – as he explains to the audience: “Some of these things will have happened to some of you. All of them have happened to me.”

He also suffers from a complete lack of insight – when a TV reviewer from the Times wrote that he was “Television’s most disgusting man,” Frank responded by setting up a campaigning group called ‘Clean Up National Television’.

Filth gives Frank the opportunity to set the record straight and regale the audience with the bits of his life story that he can remember – and sing a few songs to cheer himself up. Frank Hovis Presents…

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
3-28 August (not 15 or 22) at 11.00pm
Gilded Balloon Teviot – Dining Room
13 Bristo Square


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