ALONE The Brand New Series Starts This Week

By April 24, 2018 Uncategorized

After the critically acclaimed and hugely popular pilot episode, ALONE starts a brand new six-part series this Thursday 26th April at 6:30pm on BBC Radio 4.

ALONE is about five, single, middle-aged neighbours living in a converted North London house who, it seems, can’t get by with or without each other.

No doubt, being alone has its advantages but at times you crave company and at other times you have no option but to interact with the rest of humanity…or at least your neighbours.

Mitch (Angus Deayton) is a widower and part-time therapist who is looking to put his life back together now that he is single and living, supposedly temporarily, with Will (Pearce Quigley), his younger, more volatile and unhappily divorced half-brother.

Elsewhere in the building are schoolteacher Ellie (Abigail Cruttenden) who is shy, nervous and desperately missing her ex-boyfriend, overly honest, frustrated actress Louisa (Kate Isitt), and socially inept IT nerd Morris (Bennett Arron).

Listen online on BBC iPlayer radio

Listen to the pilot episode here

Listen to the Radio 4 trailers here