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The Absolutely Radio Show

Members of the cast of Channel 4's hugely popular sketch show ‘Absolutely’ reunite for a brand new series on BBC Radio 4 starting Sunday 6th September at 7:15pm.


Pete Baikie, Morwenna Banks, Moray Hunter, Gordon Kennedy and John Sparkes are back together for four half hour episodes and with all new material, revisiting some of their much loved sketch characters w

hilst also introducing some newcomers to the show.

This follows the team's highly successful reunion for the “Sketchorama: Absolutely Special for BBC Radio 4” in 2013, which subsequently won a BBC Audio Drama Award in the Best Live 

Scripted Comedy category.


Recorded live at The Oran Mor in Glasgow the opening episode of the new four part series features The 


Stoneybridge Town Council attempting to adapt to today’s technology, Denzil and Gwynned discussing 


Gwynned’s plan to enter the Miss Swansea competition, the Little Girl’s very personal take on Divorce and Calum Gilhooley getting some customer feedback of his own. There are sketches and songs about the dow

nside of Facebook, the risks of watching television in middle age, vague War memories from people who were almost there and the perils of having to look after your own, ageing parents.


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