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Baggage Series 3

Radio 4 from Monday 14th July
at 11:30am for six weeks

Written by and starring Hilary Lyon, the series is set in the capital of Scotland and centres on the lives of three (40-ish) friends of preposterous long-standing, Caroline, Fiona and Ruth. The Celtic trio’s lives are not turning out quite as they were supposed to as they see each other through break-ups and breakdowns, career crises and aged parents traumas………. still somehow managing to have a seriously good laugh along the way.

‘Baggage’ embraces and celebrates the absurdity and richness of life; the humour, the sadness, the nonsense, the endless debates about relationships, low-waisted jeans and the meaning of life; the sexy nights in and bitterly cold Edinburgh nights out; the singing of 80s hits; the complaining of (those cobbles, those hills, that weather) and the revelling in (the views, the culture, the chip shops) life in one of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities.

The end of Series 2 found Fiona expecting her first baby at the age of 42, Ruth’s teenager of a baby returning to Scotland to start university with his mum and Caroline heading off to Africa to give birth to her first book. All this via Caroline’s ex-husband finding himself a new husband, Fiona’s geriatric mother finding herself lost and Ruth getting spectacularly lost trying to find herself.

Series 3 picks up the baton and races on through adoption, alcoholism and aggression (of the post-natal variety) but throws up the most serious challenge the 3 friends have ever yet had to face. It’s life and death; it’s funny and tragic; it’s yet more baggage.


“This series has been a breakthrough for Radio 4: at last a comedy drama that brings together some real laugh-out-loud moments with high quality poignant writing”
(Jane Anderson - Radio Times)



Hilary Lyon: Creator, Writer and Co-star of Baggage

I was delighted when ‘Baggage’ was commissioned for a third series by Radio 4. The first 2 series’ had been my first proper job as a writer (having been, exclusively, an actor for an alarming 2 decades) and so to be asked to write another 6 episodes was extremely gratifying.

I think the old adage about writing about what you know is probably very sound, certainly as a new writer, so ‘Baggage’ came about as I do know something about women hitting 40. It’s unlikely that by this age one has not experienced some fairly major ‘stuff’; death, divorce, children or no children, career crisis blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc.

It’s fascinating to look at a group of women who have known each other for a verrry long time; how they cope with bridging the gap between expectation and reality; how they grow up, grow apart or grow together. Most importantly, however, I marvel at people’s resilience to get through the ‘stuff’ and still have a sense of humour and a seriously good laugh along the way.



All episodes:
Caroline: Hilary Lyon
Fiona: Phyllis Logan
Ruth: Adie Allen

Episode 1:
Roddy: Robin Cameron
Preston: Roger May

Episode 2:
Alistair: Stuart McQuarrie
Nicholas: Moray Hunter
Peter: Jack Docherty

Episode 3:
Roddy: Robin Cameron
Gladys: June Watson
Nicholas: Moray Hunter
Miriam/Minty: Nicola Grier

Episode 4:
Roddy: Robin Cameron
Nicholas: Moray Hunter

Episode 5:
Preston: Roger May
Miriam: Nicola Grier

Episode 6:
Alistair: Stuart McQuarrie
Roddy: Robin Cameron
Gladys: June Watson

Series Creator and Writer: Hilary Lyon
Director: Marilyn Imrie
BBC Commissioning Editor: Caroline Raphael
Script Editor: Moray Hunter
Broadcast Assistant: Sarah Tombling
Sound Engineer: Phil Horne
Studio Managers: Matt Muller & Alison McKenzie
Facilities: The Soundhouse
Edinburgh location sound recording: Lee McPhail
Producers: Gordon Kennedy & Moray Hunter
Production Company: Absolutely Productions Ltd