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Past, present and future shows from Absolutely.

Annie Caulfield
Writer of Glass Chair Chair Glass

Gordon Kennedy told me that someone had told him that Tommy Cooper once met Eugene Ionesco. I didn’t need to hear any more. My favourite comedian and my favourite playwright could have been in the same room. Research showed dates and interests colliding; it could have happened. The collision was a great chance to write a play about comedy. There hasn’t been one since The Comedians, written in the seventies. I had lots of questions. Mainly, where are the women in all of this? Is it true that if you didn’t laugh you’d cry? Is comedy any real use to us in the bad world out there? What’s the best kind of joke? Anyway, I had all kinds of fancy ideas about what I was trying to do with this play. But the main thing is the director and the cast made all kinds of things happen that are funny, sad, fascinating – and actually even FUNNIER than I’d imagined they could be.


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