Biographies of the Absolutely creative team.


Pete Baikie

Pete Baikie has written over 83 television and radio themes including 'Shooting Stars', 'Big Fat Quiz of the Year', 'Jonathan Ross’s Asian Invasion', and everything Absolutely ever does including 'Mr. Don and Mr. George' and 'Meg and Mog'. His music is at

He has also co-written, produced and presented the comedy nature series 'Squawkietalkie', has won 3 Welsh BAFTAS as the producer of 6 series of 'Barry Welsh is Coming' for HTV Wales and won a 4th Welsh BAFTA in 2005 for producing Hugh Pugh’s History of Wales’ for ITV Wales. He also produced 'Pub Quiz', 'The Morwenna Banks Show' and far too many editions of 'The Jack Docherty Show' for C5. He was co-host of 'Saturday Night Jack' for Radio 2 and a long time ago in 1993, he acted with Kenny Branagh in the Disney film 'Swing Kids'.

Pete is also the leader of ‘The Peteles’ who were Jack Docherty’s house band and he toured the world with the comedy pop combo ‘The Hairstyles’. He has humbly accompanied Glen Campbell and played ‘Name that Tune’ with David Bowie on telly and was also Mr. Muzak and the Fat Laughing Greek Bloke on a tractor in the four series of C4’s ‘Absolutely’. He also is one fifth of the finest bluegrass comedy combo in Walthamstow - ‘The Glenbuck Cherrypickers’.

He also works for 'The Smiling Sessions' – a charity devoted to musically rejuvenating the eldely. Click here for more information.

He is a director of Absolutely Productions Ltd, has a Wurlitzer jukebox and is very keen on snorkelling.

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