Biographies of the Absolutely creative team.


John Sparkes

Many millions of years ago John was a single cell organism living in a pond, but more recently he’s been working as a mammal, successfully walking upright and developing an opposing thumb so that he can hold a pint.

In the 1980’s he learned how to hold a microphone and became a stand-up comedian, being nominated for the Perrier Award in 1987 for his first solo Edinburgh show.

Around this time he started appearing as Siadwell on BBC 2’s ‘Naked Video’. Finding television a less dangerous environment than comedy clubs, he settled there, writing and appearing in ‘Absolutely’ and ‘Squawkietalkie’ for Channel 4, followed by ‘Barry Welsh is Coming’ for HTV and ‘Pub Quiz’ for BBC Wales, both produced by fellow Abso. Pete Baikie.

John and Pete have won 4 Welsh BAFTAS for ‘Barry Welsh’ and ‘Hugh Pugh’s History of Wales’ and last year, believe it or not John was one of Ken Dodd’s ‘Comedy Heroes’ on Channel Five.

This summer John is doing 2 shows at the Gilded Balloon in the Edinburgh Fringe. It’ll be the first time he’s been there since 1989 and, incredibly, it’s also

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