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Bennett Arron is JEWELSH

Stand-Up Comedian Bennett Arron has a unique perspective on life as he is both Jewish and Welsh. No joke. Although it is the starting point for jokes. In this comedy series, Bennett explores the foibles and insecurities of this seldom-seen cultural mix. Each episode takes a comic look as to how Bennett fits in, or tries to fit in, to different areas of British life using stand-up comedy interspersed with sketches.

To enhance the idea of two battling cultures within Bennett’s one head, two additional voices are featured regularly within the series. A neat twist on the notion of having an “angel” on one shoulder and a “devil” on the other, in Bennett’s world, he has a “Rabbi” on one, and a “Dragon” on the other. Both these voices crop up whenever Bennett needs advice, to give him help from their particular perspective. Although in truth they tend to be more of a hindrance than a help.

Episode One

In this first Bennett describes how his Grandparents came to settle in Port Talbot and how a young Anthony Hopkins used to light the fire for them every Saturday! He talks about growing up in a village where his was the only Jewish family and what it was like being the only Jewish child in school; “They say that if you stand up to bullies they run away. No they don’t, they punch you until you pass out…” Bennett also discusses his first job working for the local council, first as a gardener, then, for a day, as a gravedigger…

Ep 1 clip:

Episode Two

In this episode Bennett describes meeting his Spanish wife (although she wasn’t his wife when they met) and how her naivety is an endless source of amusement. He also talks about how stole the identity of the Home Secretary for a television programme which not only resulted in his being arrested in a dawn raid by Scotland Yard but also led to an embarrassing encounter with a masseuse in Australia!

Ep 2 clip:

Bennett adapted this series from his highly acclaimed stage show, here are some press clipping from the show

“Genuinely original and funny” The Times

“Displays an enviable gift for wordplay…had the room creased up with laughter” The Scotsman

“One of the best on the circuit... a Welsh Seinfeld” The Guardian

BBC Wales trailer:

Full Credits

Created and written by Bennett Arron

Cast: Bennett Arron, Caroline Berry, Vern Griffiths

Directed by Alan Nixon

Produced by Gordon Kennedy

Production manager: Sarah Tombling

Executive Producer: Chris Pye

OB Facilities: BBC Wales

OB Location: Chapter, Cardiff

Editing facilities: Jerry Peel Sound

An Absolutely, Silly Papi Co-Production for BBC Radio Wales