The Fair Intellectual Club Episode 4, A Sojourn with Mr Swift

By November 24, 2016 Uncategorized

Its festival time in Edinburgh, but in the early 18th century it's not a place for comedians and actors, but priests and storytellers like Jonathan Swift.

This young Irish clergyman wants help with his tales, and the members of the Fair Intellectual Club are keen to help him win the So You Think You're Holy competition. Alison's idiot brother Robert needs assistance too – and an unfortunate mix-up leads to the creation of a literary masterpiece. 

Starring Caroline Deyga, Jessica Hardwick, Samara MacLaren, Simon Donaldson, Gordon Kennedy and special guest Kieth Fleming.

Episode 4 at 6:30pm today, Thursday 24th November on BBC Radio 4 

The show will be available live HERE tonight and you will be able to view and catch up on all episodes on BBC Radio Iplayer.