The Fair Intellectual Club Episode 2 on Radio 4

By November 10, 2016 Uncategorized

After a sensational Endinburgh Fridge sell-out run, Lucy Porter's hillarious theatrical debut The Fair Intellectual Club has come to Radio 4.

The six-part comedy series, directed by Marilyn Imrie, is set in Edinburgh at the dawn of the Enlightenment. The boundaries of philosophical,scientific and artistic endeavor are expanding rapidly. An exciting time for intellectuals.. well all MALE intellectuals…Early Georgian morality dictates that such matters are not for the fragile female brain. Women are advised to draw flowers or play cards instead of troubling their pretty heads with mathematics or literature. 

Episode 2 – A Rendezvous with Monsieur Voltaire 

Monsieur Voltaire has been thrown out of France for immortality and has come to see his old friend Robert. He trades philosophical maxims with Ishbel and the fellow members of her secret society Alison and Marjory. The scholarly young ladies teach him the value of speech and a brand new use for a broom handle. 

Starring Caroline Deyga (Ishbel), Jessica Hardwick (Alison), Samara MacLaren (Marjory), Simon Donaldson (Robert), and special guest Lewis Macleod (Voltaire). 

Episode 2 at 6:30pm Thursday 10th November on BBC Radio 4 

The show will be available live HERE tonight and you will be able to view and catch up on all episodes on BBC Radio Iplayer.