The Break Series 2 Starts on Monday

By May 9, 2018 Uncategorized

BBC Radio 4 11:30am Mondays From May 14th

Following the hugely successful and critically acclaimed first series we return to Flamford, the town logic forgot, for the second series of Ian Brown and James Hendrie’s sitcom The Break. Its all-star cast features Philip Jackson, Tom Palmer, Alison Steadman, Mark Benton, Shobna Gulati and Rasmus Hardiker.

In Series 1 of The Break, we learned that Andy Chambers (Tom Palmer), edgy, sharp-tongued, late 20s, used to be something high-powered in the City but burnt himself out. For the sake of his health, Andy was advised to make a clean break with his toxic metropolitan lifestyle and came to stay in Flamford with his bluff northern uncle, Jeff Whitaker (Philip Jackson).

When Series 2 begins, Andy has been living with Jeff for a few months now, and their relationship has developed into one of edgy tolerance. Andy is now more likely to push back against Jeff’s wiles and schemes, and Jeff is less wary of pushing Andy too far.

Many of the characters we met in Series 1 will return. Corinne (Alison Steadman), Jeff’s on-off lover (mostly ‘on’) has yet to find her sense of humour. Fish Shop Frank (Mark Benton) is still frying with a smile, dishonest pensioner Mr Truepenny (Rasmus Hardiker) still has his eye out for a dodgy deal, and vicar-with-a-past, The Reverend Beverley (Shobna Gulati) is still hoping for a regular slot on “Thought for the Day”. Other returning characters will include Derek Horrox The Mayor, his close friend, Peter Humfriss, the Town Crier, and Andy’s long term ex, Liz — niece of Fish Shop Frank’s sworn rival… Frank.