Biographies of the Absolutely creative team.


Gordon Kennedy

After Absolutely, Red Dwarf and many other comedy shows and a 4 year subbatical into the marvellous world of TV presenting Gordon has been concentrating on Drama and comedy drama on both sides of the camera/mic.


John Sparkes

Many millions of years ago John was a single cell organism living in a pond, but more recently hes been working as a mammal, successfully walking upright and developing an opposing thumb so that he can hold a pint.


Moray Hunter

Moray Hunter has written extensively for radio and television, frequently in partnership with Jack Docherty. On radio 4 they worked on Radio Active and In One Ear and on television on Spitting Image and Alas Smith and Jones.


Morwenna Banks

Morwenna first became known for co-writing and appearing in four series of Absolutely Channel 4s cult sketch show (nominated for British Comedy Award, Writers Guild Award and Golden Rose of Montreux), for which she was twice nominated as Best Female Comedy Performer in The British Comedy Awards.


Pete Baikie

Pete Baikie has written over 83 television and radio themes including 'Shooting Stars', 'Big Fat Quiz of the Year', 'Jonathan Ross’s Asian Invasion', and everything Absolutely ever does including 'Mr. Don and Mr. George' and 'Meg and Mog'.


Jack Docherty

Jack forms a good 50% of the writing duo Hunter & Docherty, who were principal writers on 'In One Ear' & 'Radio Active' (BBC Radio 4), 'Spitting Image' (ITV), and 'Alas Smith & Jones' (BBC)..