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The Gobetweenies

A candid look at family through the prism of two North London siblings Lucy and Tom as they schlep between their determinedly hands-on parents.

Lucy is excited about exploring surrealism, Tom is obsessively counting sultanas and their mum Mimi (Sarah Alexander) is desperate for her third attempt at married life to get started, but the children's father Joe (David Tennant) has come to a decision that will changes their all their lives...

If it's Wednesday... it must be Holloway

Cast List: 

Joe ..... David Tennant
Mimi ..... Sarah Alexander
Tom ..... Finlay Christie
Lucy ..... Phoebe Abbott
Harry ..... Stuart Milligan

Writer: Marcella Evaristi | Director: Marilyn Imrie | Producer: Gordon Kennedy

An Absolutely Production for BBC Radio 4.

In The Press

"...It could be classed as Outnumbered for Radio but that would be doing a disservice to a nuanced comic take on life amongst the chattering classes..."

David Crawford, Radio Times

"... a comedy that draws successfully upon a recognisably real world for its laughs..."

Mail On Sunday

"... an entertaining view of a contemporary family..."

The Observer

"This comedy by Marcella Evaristi shows every sign of being neatly drawn from life"

Gillian Reynolds The Telegraph

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