Biographies of the Absolutely creative team.


Moray Hunter

Moray Hunter has written extensively for radio and television, frequently in partnership with Jack Docherty. On radio 4 they worked on Radio Active and In One Ear and on television on Spitting Image and Alas Smith and Jones.

After 6 years writing and performing in The Bodgers on the Edinburgh Fringe and Radio 4, in 1988, Moray and Jack wrote and performed an early incarnation of their double act Don and George on Channel 4's Friday Night Live. There then followed 4 series of Absolutely and the subsequent spin-off series, again with Jack, mr. don and mr. george which was followed by two series of The Creatives on BBC 2.

In his own right, Moray has written a Radio 4 comedy series The Party Party, and on television for Barry Welsh Is Coming, The Jack Docherty Show and The Morwenna Banks Show . He has also written episodes of 24Seven and Star on CITV and InterGalactic Kitchen on CBBC.

He has appeared in various television dramas including Taggart, Crossing the Floor, Monarch of the Glen, Doctors and Holby City where he displayed his versatility by wearing a toupee.

On film he has appeared in Jude, The Slab Boys and My Life So Far and also played opposite the late Ian Bannen in a Tartan Short entitled Dead Sea Reels. Most recently he appeared in Meet the Magoons which is yet to be aired on C4.

Right now he is writing this, in the third person which feels a little odd, and is developing various projects including Alone, a sitcom for ITV, Deadsville, an animated comedy for C4 and an as yet untitled sitcom for BBC Scotland with, yes, you guessed it, Jack Docherty.

Currently he is not appearing in any theatre, anywhere.

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