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Baggage Series 2

Monday 2nd April,11.30am for six weeks

Written by and starring Hilary Lyon, the series is set in the capital of Scotland and centres on the lives of three (40-ish) friends of preposterous long-standing, Caroline, Fiona and Ruth. The Celtic trio’s lives are not turning out quite as they were supposed to as they see each other through break-ups and breakdowns, yet somehow still manage to have seriously good fun along the way.

Caroline (Hilary Lyon) is still valiantly sellotaping her life together after the abrupt departure of her Scottish MP husband, Alastair (played by Peter Capaldi), and has fallen in love with Simeon, (Stuart McQuarrie) a literary workaholic from the Highlands. Caroline is still sharing her flat with the uninvited Fiona (Phyllis Logan) who, last summer, abruptly took leave of her senses and her long-suffering husband, Roddy (Robin Cameron).

Dumpee and dumper struggle to co-exist in an uneasy truce of mutual support while bohemian single mother, Ruth (Adie Allen), is always on hand to give advice when it's not asked for and is generally available for stirring up already troubled waters.

Series 2 finds the three women variously embarking on new relationships, flailing around in failing relationships, visiting the past at a school reunion, fretting over the future, grieving over teenage children leaving home, finding themselves pregnant, dealing with geriatric relatives losing the plot and struggling with alcoholism and bi-sexual ex-husbands... just the usual kind of stuff.

'Baggage' is funny, ridiculous and poignant; a bit like life really.


Hilary Lyon: Creator, Writer and Co-star of Baggage

I was delighted when 'Baggage' was re-commissioned last year by Radio 4. The first series had been my first proper job as a writer (having been, exclusively, an actor for an alarming 2 decades) and so to be asked to write another 6 episodes was extremely gratifying.

It's fascinating to look at a group of women who have known each other for a verrry long time; how they cope with bridging the gap between expectation and reality; how they grow up or grow apart or grow together. Most importantly, however, I marvel at people's resilience to get through the 'stuff' and still have a sense of humour and a seriously good laugh along the way.

Series 2 was even more fun to write than the first although, bizarrely, it was also much more daunting. I was thrilled and relieved that listeners seemed to identify with the experiences of the characters in the first series, so I felt a certain pressure not to confound their expectations second time around. It's a weird and wonderful state of affairs to create a bunch of characters that you also feel utterly responsible for. In my madness, I do believe that these women are, in fact, alive and well and living in Marchmont.



All episodes:
Caroline: Hilary Lyon
Fiona: Phyllis Logan
Ruth: Adie Allen
Simeon: Stuart McQuarrie

Episode 1:
as above

Episode 2:
Janie: Hilary Maclean

Episode 3:
Roddy: Robin Cameron
Gillian Craigie: Carolyn Bonnyman
Trampy Little Nurse: Nicola Grier
Malcolm Cooper: Jack Docherty

Episode 4:
Alistair: Peter Capaldi
Roddy: Robin Cameron
Reverend Nicholas: Moray Hunter
Gladys: June Watson

Episode 5:
Roddy: Robin Cameron

Episode 6:
Alistair: Peter Capaldi
Roddy: Robin Cameron
Gladys: June Watson
Preston: Roger May

Series Creator and Writer: Hilary Lyon
Director: Marilyn Imrie
BBC Commissioning Editor: Caroline Raphael
Script Editor: Moray Hunter
Broadcast Assistant: Sarah Tombling
Sound Engineer: Phil Horne
Studio Manager: Matt Muller
Facilities: The Soundhouse Recording Studios
Edinburgh location sound recording: Lee Mcphail
Producers: Gordon Kennedy & Moray Hunter
Production Company: Absolutely Productions Ltd

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