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Baggage Series 4

Starting next Wednesday 8th July at 11.30 am on BBC Radio 4 the hugely successful comedy drama series returns for a 4th series.  

For this fourth series of Baggage we have made some really exciting changes to the Website so check out the new Baggage pages to find the all new feature packed content below:

  • Firstly you will be able to tell us what you think of the show via our comments page.
  • Secondly, we have a preview excerpt from episode 1 of the series up on the site. Then each week we are planning to release a teaser clip of next week’s episode as soon as the show finishes on BBC Radio 4. So don’t forget to check in after each show to tell us what you thought of it and to get an exclusive taste of what’s coming up on Baggage the following week.
  • Thirdly, this year we have several exclusive interviews that you can watch on the Baggage site giving a unique insight into the show, how it came about and what is coming up. Hilary Lyon the show’s creator gives you a first-hand preview of series 4 and she also talks extensively about writing and how she came to create Baggage. We also give you a microphone-side view of the series as Co-producer Moray Hunter and Hilary chat about the process of getting Baggage from brain to page to BBC Radio 4.
  • Lastly, you will be able to link through to the BBC iPlayer from our site should you miss any episodes and we also have a Baggage screen saver which you can download.

Hope you enjoy the show!


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Previous Comments

Name: steveDate: 2009-07-08
really love the music played at the start and end of this program, can you tell me who the band are and if their music is available?

Name: Absolutely TeamDate: 2009-07-09
Thanks for your comment. The Band is "Nusa" and we think the track is also called "Nusa".

Name: MarieDate: 2009-07-10
Just wondered if there was any plans to release Baggage on audio books?

Name: Absolutely TeamDate: 2009-07-10
There are no plans to release the show on audio books but we are going to talk to BBC about some sort of download service either through our site or via iTunes as this will be the most cost effective way of doing this. There is a good deal of work to do on this in terms of contracts and agreements but it is something that we are extremely keen to pursue. Check the web site or subscribe to Absolutely News to keep up to date with developments.

Name: Malcolm DoigDate: 2009-07-11
Hi Hil, Remember me from school days? Glad to see you're having some fun, and considerable success with your show! It's not been broadcast yet in Australia, hence my lack of awareness. Drop me an email it would be great to hear from you. Malcolm

Name: jackie chambersDate: 2009-07-17
one of the most intelligent, well written and absorbing dramas on radio .... a gem in the radio 4 output. i caught soe of the previous series and was waiting to find out if there'd be more. R4 is not very good at lettling listeners know what's coming up and when/if there'll be a new seires .... they could make more of the web, of texting, or other messaging systems. many like me now 'listen again' as it fits life better. let us know when stuff is on - we need more than trails - if we listen again - we don't really hear many trails .... can't we susbscribe when we like a series so hat we get a text update when it's coming back?

Name: lindaDate: 2009-07-22
such a shame there are no plans for audio books but v pleased to hear there is serious intention to find a way to download/itunes the series - back catalogue too please.

Name: SueDate: 2009-07-22
A quick note to say I love the program, one of the best, and I try not to miss an episode. I would be great to see pics of all the cast.

Name: Celia Date: 2009-07-25
I was so pleased to hear episode 3 this week as I loved this drama when I heard lots of episodes last year. So much so that I've come to the web to see if I could catch up on the parts I'd obviously missed... because I didn't know it was on. Oh.. how I want you to take notice of Jackie Chambers comments and make it ALL available in some form. It is really great writing, I'm transported to Scotland, in the flat with them, whereas, I've never get to Ambrige and I'm a southern counties woman. All bests.

Name: NickDate: 2009-08-06
A genuinely inspiring series - if you can get four series of this on radio four then there is hope for us all.

Name: Dave CDate: 2009-08-12
An absolutely brilliant show and I'm sad there are no plans to release the back catalogue on CD/Tape. Nusa are on vertical record and the artist is Rory Campbell. There are clips from the album Nusa on foot stomping's website. I am looking forward to news on the release download or otherwise in the near future.

Name: Angus HepburnDate: 2009-08-18
As an Edinburgh born Scot living in New York, I have thoroughly enjoyed Baggage since the series started. Unfortunately, it looks like I will not get to hear the final episode since the BBC listen again link does not function- it times out, and I can't get the Radio4 technogeeks to fix it - very sad.

Name: ClaireDate: 2009-08-19
I heard some episodes of series 3 and 4, but sadly missed many of them. I really enjoyed what I did hear - hope you do manage to sort out something on the download side (all the episodes, please - pretty please?) I'd love to be able to enjoy it all!

Name: Gordon JacksonDate: 2010-04-14
Had never heard this programme before until it was on on Sunday. It's the only time I've ever stopped what I was doing, sat down, and listened to a show. Really enjoyed it, very good acting and fantastic writing. Amazed I'd never heard this before - now got to find the first 3 series to catch up. Great stuff.

Name: michael mcdowellDate: 2010-04-19
any thoughts of transfer to tv? must have a home on bbc four??

Name: KirstenDate: 2010-04-24
I love this series and think it would be great to be able to buy it as an audio book. Please please can something be done. I haven't heard all 4 series so would love to be able to hear it from the beginning.

Name: SoniaDate: 2010-04-29
Congratulations on such a well written entertaining production.Like so many of your other listeners I am very sorry to learn I have missed 3 previous Series of Baggage.Please Please can you make the complete 4 Series of programs available for us to buy on Audio Cd.So I can enjoy the whole story.

Name: Elaine RumneyDate: 2010-05-04
I too have only just stumbled on the new series of Baggage, and would very much like to catch up on the episodes I have missed in some form or other. Podcast perhaps, as audio books seem out of the question? It's a great series for looking at serious issues without being maudlin.

Name: eshieDate: 2010-05-11
Is Baggage available to download or on CD?

Name: thomas nicholsonDate: 2011-05-04
I'd very much like to see/hear this released in some format or another. Podcast, CD, Downloadable via itunes I don't mind...please....pretty please...