Missing Baggage? Reclaim it on BBC Radio 4 – April 13th 6.30pm

By March 29, 2010 Uncategorized

Absolutely are very excited that Baggage Series 4 is coming back to Radio 4. The show will run for six weeks at 6.30 pm from Tuesday 13th April.

Written by and starring Hilary Lyon, ‘Baggage’ is set in the capital of Scotland and centres on the lives of Caroline and Ruth, two (40-ish) friends of preposterous long-standing. Life certainly hasn’t turned out quite as it was supposed to for the celtic pair as they navigate their way through grief and joy in the most surprising situations, but they battle on having moved their original baggage from substantial trunks into roomier skips….. and finally to a more commodious landfill site in the borders.

This is what previous listeners had to say about series 4 when it was broadcast last June:

“one of the most intelligent, well written and absorbing dramas on radio”

“I love the program, one of the best, and I try not to miss an episode.”

if you would like to add your thoughts then you can join in on the Baggage pages or below.