Meera Syal stars in new Absolutely Radio Series

By September 29, 2017 Uncategorized

Meera Syal heads a fantastic cast in a brand new Murder Mystery Comedy drama which starts 11:30 am  4th Nov on BBC radio 4

Meera Syal stars as Mrs Sidhu, a caterer from Slough with a highly active imagination and her own Indian Aunty brand of crime solving, A.K.A. nosiness. She has made so many observations to the local police that they have file on her.

In the first series, ‘Murder with Masala’, she caters a wedding in rural Berkshire where the bridesmaid goes missing. She soon has a heap of clues that mean something to her, and nothing to anyone else.  She drafts in long suffering Inspector Burton (Justin Edwards) to confront gadget millionaire Lord Lucas and highly strung Lady Lucas (Rachel Atkins).

Meanwhile back in Slough, efficient new employee Lucy Lepinois (Amy Morgan) unsettles her her eternally useless son Tez (Hamza Jeetooa), and wily catering supplier Mr Varma (Vincent Ebrahim)  becomes a thorn in her side as her concern for the missing Bridesmaid grows.