Absolutely Everything on DVD

At last you can own every last bit of Absolutely on the DVD Box set.


By Gordon Kennedy

So, I typed it in…

…www.ebay.co.uk/absolutelythevido...£40... FORTY!! ‘Current bid’ Forty bloody quid for a 14 year old VHS!

… this was the first thing that led me to believe that releasing an Absolutely DVD might be a good idea.

the sensible familyIt was clear that after years of dutiful service ‘Absolutely’ compilation VHS’s ( The Vido and Videeeo) were wearing out all over the world. The magnetic tape was losing it’s heroic battle to keep Calum magnetised, Mr Nice was sporting a not very sensible white streak across the middle of his very sensible sweater, The Old Artist was jiggling about like a ‘Jumper’ and Bert’s lights were all but extinguished as the two ‘Best Of’ compilation tapes- the only proof we had that we made the show- slowly faded to sash. This was the reason the market on EBay had contracted to the point where, quite remarkably, fans were prepared to pay more than forty quid for a 2nd hand Video.

This was not right and a more dynamic and commercially minded Showbiz entrepreneur would have, at that point, blazed a scorched earth trail of phone calls, emails and power meetings to sort out this ludicrous state of affairs before the end of the day. But the postie arrived, the computer reverted to its Paulo Maldini screen saver and I went downstairs to make a cup of tea.

And that might have been that but for two other incidents that ignited and stoked the phoenix fires.

Firstly Channel 4 was doing a 50 Best Sketches Ever show and Absolutely was completely ignored from the original nomination list. It felt like we were being air-brushed from sketch comedy history. Even when it was voted on to the list no-one from the production company making the show seemed to know or recall anything about Absolutely. In the event the Stoneybridge Olympic Bid came in 30th out of 50 sketches. There were still some fans out there.

Secondly I got an email from Absolutely Andy, internet torch carrier for the show, saying that he had sent a petition of over a thousand signatures to Channel 4 asking for the release of an Absolutely DVD. Channel 4’s response to this enthusiastic endorsement of their comedy output? Absolute silence.

I don’t like being ignored. And I definitely don’t like people, who have taken the time and trouble to ask for something politely, to be ignored. So it had now become a thing. And, as a thing, the only way it would cease to be a thing was if a ‘something’ came out of this thing. That was that. We would make the DVD. 4 years and hundreds of emails, phone calls, threats, meetings and tantrums later it is finally upon us.

In itself I guess there is nothing remarkable about Absolutely coming out on DVD. There are hundreds of ‘Archive’ titles released every year as people strive to enlarge their DVD libraries. But this one came about entirely, 100% because of the people who watched and loved the show. Neither the broadcaster or if I am completely honest the shows creators would ever have thought about releasing the DVD had we not been pushed, cajoled, bullied, bribed, brainwashed and ego-massaged into action.

All of this brings us to the 5th of May 2008 a hitherto unremarkable day. But to the loyal, resolute and enthusiastic fans of a 19 year old Sketch show called Absolutely this is your road to Damascus moment, your Agincourt, your Bannockburn (depending on which side you’re on), your Davey Narey goal against Brazil.

Flags are flying over Brucie’s Chicken Coup once more.

From all of us at Absolutely; Peter Baikie, Morwenna Banks, Jack Docherty, Moray Hunter, Gordon Kennedy and John Sparkes; Thank you. And perhaps for the first time in Showbiz history we really mean this…WITHOUT YOU THIS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE.

Best wishes,

Gordon Kennedy