Bennett Arron is JEWELSH: New 2 part series for BBC Radio Wales starts 27th June

By June 23, 2015 Uncategorized

Bennett Arron is both Jewish and Welsh, no joke – although it is the starting point for jokes. And of course there are drawbacks to being Jewish and Welsh – apart from one, obviously…  Bennett has now adapted his critically acclaimed stage show for radio.  Saturdays at 1pm, 27th June and 4th July, BBC Radio Wales

Bennett, together with his talented cast of Caroline Berry and Merv Griffiths, cover everything from Bennett’s Port Talbot childhood where his was the only Jewish family and where a young Anthony Hopkins used to light his Grandparent’s fire, through to his day spent as a grave-digger. Described as “A Welsh Seinfeld” by the Guardian and “Genuinely Original and Funny” by The Times, Bennett’s unique comical perspective will have you laughing in a way only a Welsh Jew can do.

Listen to sneak preview clips on the show's page or catch up on iPlayer